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Do you suffer from venous disease, such as varicosities or spider veins? If so, you may be considering their removal. Treatment for diseased veins has come a long way over the years. Whether done for cosmetic reasons or health purposes, you can relax and feel confident in your decision to seek treatment knowing that there are many options available, all of which are safe, effective and permanent.

One of the most popular forms of vein treatment in the Sarasota area is laser vein removal. This is because they are minimally or non-invasive and therefore much less painful than other methods.

  • Dornier FlexiPulse™ LASER is the best treatment option for spider vein once venous insufficiency responsible for their development is eliminated. Unlike the endovenous LASER, no needles are involved in this treatment, making it 100% non-invasive. This procedure works best for treating smaller spider veins, as larger ones would be better treated with sclerotherapy. This treatment method is very popular because it is quick and painless with visible results occurring immediately after the procedure is completed. It is also important to understand, that there is no such thing as the best or universal procedure, and that often it takes a combination of procedures to obtain the best results possible.

Dornier FlexiPulse™ LASER procedures are performed at Dr. Slazinski’s office, by the trained professionals of Laser-Medica Cosmetic Center. To learn more about each procedure and determine what will work best for you, please call us at (941)-365-5582 to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.

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