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When you look for surgery on your ears on the internet (for earlobe problems, skin cancer on the ear, ear scars, etc), you will see that this is an area where no doctors really specialize.  Yes, you can find doctors to treat protruding ears, by pinning them back.  That is a very important service, but it seems to be the only problem addressed.

You see, plastic surgeons have little interest in ears except for that single problem.  An entire specialty of medicine exists, Ear-Nose-and Throat (ENT),
but they actually only work on the inner ear, and view your external ears as merely a way, an avenue to get down into the inside, inner ear.  In truth ENT is not interested in working on the outer cartilage. Same is true of General Surgeons, Thoracic Surgeons, etc.

Yes, a Dermatologist is the only specialty of physician even remotely concerned with the ear visible on your head.  And most Dermatologists have neither the training nor the experience to be comfortable working on this area.

Dr. Leonard Slazinski is a board-certified, highly skilled dermatologic surgeon who has spent over 30 years studying and practicing surgery on the ear itself. No other Dermatologist in West Florida has this kind of training. He is the surgeon of choice for ear problems in the Sarasota area.

Ear problems which Dr. Slazinski can treat include:

  • Basal Cell or Squamous Cell Carcinoma involving the external ear.
  • Repair and reconstruction of previous cancer removals with a poor scar
  • Ear lobes where the piercing has enlarged, or has pulled entirely through the lobe leaving a “split ear lobe”.
  • Scars or keloids of the ear due to piercings, injuries, or cancer surgeries
  • Overly enlarged ear piercing holes secondary to “gaugeing” “tapers”,  “blowouts” or other attempts at cosmetic enhancement
  • Painful areas on the ear cartilage (chondrodermatitis) due to pressure on the ear from your phone, sleeping, or other trauma
  • Unusual lumps or bumps in the cartilage, which could represent a true
    congenital abnormality (birthmark) or an acquired deformity
  • Other ear diseases and rash issues as well
  • For ear problems involving the external ear, you can trust Dr Slazinski for compassionate, state of the art care.

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