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Hand Rejuvenation

Whether it is brown spots, crepey skin texture or prominent veins and general skin laxity, the hands may give away your true age especially when other parts of your skin have been treated or protected from repeated sun exposure.

Never consider that removing brown spots is easy.  From the ads on TV or magazines, it seems that lots of miraculous creams and potions are out there.  The harsh reality is, there is no simple permanent cure for these spots.  Unless you are willing to protect your hands from the sun, and use sunblock daily, they will recur.

Now the good news! We have a variety of treatment modalities that may improve the appearance of the hands with little downtime and very little discomfort. The easiest treatments involve using a chemical peel, or liquid nitrogen to carefully destroy only the pigment problems.

laser to remove any unwanted pigmentation We also use laser and pulsed light for brown, “age” spots. These are often removed in as few as one or two treatments leaving the skin with a more uniform, unblemished appearance.

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse

To give your hands that youthful, smooth appearance, and hide unsightly veins we use filler injections, such as Radiesse. These injections are very simple and offer immediate improvement with only mild redness and transient swelling immediately after treatment. These treatments are relatively long lasting and impart a more supple and youthful appearance to the hands.

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